Monthly Archives: October 2015

4 Simple Ways to Scare Your Finances Into Shape

What better time than Halloween to finally face down some of your fears? And, by that, we mean stuff like slaying credit debt. More

4 Ways the New FAFSA Rules Could Impact Your College-Bound Kid

The federal aid application process will get an overhaul for the 2017-18 school year. Why you’ll want to start planning now. More

The Week in Review, October 29, 2015: 5 Don’t-Miss LearnVest Reads

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Is the Grass Really Greener? 3 People Test Self-Employment

Ever dreamt of being your own boss? So do these people, who share their going-solo plans with career pros. Can they make it work? More

Couple’s Money Clinic: ‘My Boyfriend and I Are Paying Off $200K of Debt—Together’

Amanda and Josh have epic debt—along with perseverance and ingenuity. That’s how they paid off $6K of credit card debt in 6 weeks. More

What Couples Really Want in Retirement (Hint: Not Together Time)

When I retire, I want to … A new survey turns up plenty of answers—and surprises—as to how we envision our golden years. More

Killer Morning Moves That Can Really Turbocharge Your Work Day

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Why Millennials Are Better at Retirement Than You Are

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This or That: When Should You Send an Email Versus a Handwritten Thank You Note?

Should you go old school with fancy stationery or dash off a heartfelt email post-interview? The answer is … it depends. More

Benefits Dilemma: ‘Help! I Don’t Know What Health Plan to Pick’

Rick and Yoon share a common ailment: Decision paralysis over choosing 2016 health coverage. An expert helps weigh their options. More