The Week in Review, September 18, 2015: 5 Don't-Miss LearnVest Reads

The Week in Review, September 18, 2015: 5 Don't-Miss LearnVest Reads

We’ve rounded up our greatest hits of the week—the LearnVest stories that belong at the top of your must-read list.

Ditching cable can save you money, but streaming alternatives have their own costs and considerations. Consult our handy breakdown before you make the a decision. The LearnVest Pro-Con List: Should I Cut the Cord on Cable TV?

The crowded race for the GOP presidential nomination is providing plenty of fodder for the headlines. But what are the implications for your wallet? We take a closer look at where each candidate stands—so far—on five key money issues.

What if we told you that you could do wonders for your career and finances ... in 30 seconds flat? These tips will help you maximize meetings, improve your money management skills—and even give you a great excuse to look at cute animal photos. 7 Simple, 30-Second Habits That Can Boost Your Career and Finances

Megan Branford had a great financial dilemma. After she paid off her credit card debt, she wondered what money goal she should tackle next. Should she funnel more funds toward a down payment on her dream home, or put more money into her nest egg? A LearnVest CFP® weighs in. Hack My Competing Money Goals! 'Should I Save for a Home or Save More for Retirement?'

HGTV can only prepare you so much. When you're ready to start your own house hunt, check out these home-buying apps. They can help you with everything from determining how much house you can afford to finding a real estate agent you can trust. Apps That Can Help You Navigate Common Home-Buying Stumbling Blocks


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