The Week in Review, September 3, 2015: 5 Don't-Miss LearnVest Reads

The Week in Review, September 3, 2015: 5 Don't-Miss LearnVest Reads

We’ve rounded up our greatest hits of the week—the LearnVest stories that belong at the top of your must-read list.

Back-to-school season may have you considering a higher degree. We asked a money pro to evaluate several scenarios to learn if and when those extra credits pay off. 3 Wannabe Grad Students Ask a CFP: 'Is Going Back to School Worth It for Me?'

You may think you are just being protective, but could you be hurting your child's ability to achieve future financial and career success? Find out how to resist these common overparenting mistakes. 4 Sins Helicopter Parents Commit—to the Detriment of Their Kids' Futures

Should you stay, or should you go? This action plan will help you decide whether you are ready to make a professional leap of faith. Stuck in the Career Comfort Zone? 4 Ways to Tell When It's Time to Make a Job Jump

A bonus insurance policy can protect you from unlikely—but financially crippling—situations like identity theft or a wedding disaster. We investigate whether they're a good bet for your money. Worth It or a Waste? The Lowdown on 5 Trendy Insurance Policies

In our latest Money Mic installment, one man shares how hitting rock-bottom inspired him to start running his home like a business—ultimately digging his family out of debt. The 'Wingonomics' Way of Life: 'I Paid Down $45,000 of Debt in Five Years'


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