The LearnVest Pro-Con List: Should I Cut the Cord on Cable TV?

The LearnVest Pro-Con List: Should I Cut the Cord on Cable TV?

In our new series, “The LearnVest Pro-Con List,” we’re helping you think through the positives and negatives of a common financial choice you may have to make.

The ultimate goal: to give you a quick-hit guide that can help you make a more informed decision.

Today, we're looking at a question on a lot of people's minds—whether it’s finally time to cut cable out of your entertainment equation.

Once upon a time, doing all of your TV viewing online was a fringe move made solely by the über-techy.


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Well, times have changed: Last year 1.4 million households canceled their pay TV services.

And shifting demographics means that "cord-nevers"—people who didn't bother with cable in the first place (read: Millennials)—are on the rise.

But while ditching your cable subscription will save you money, there are factors to weigh if you're subbing in other services, like the cost of new equipment or the restricted ability to catch live events.

Since everyone’s financial situation and TV-watching habits are different, we’ve come up with a handy pro-con list to help you evaluate whether cord-cutting is right for you.

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