Our 24/7 Mental Obsession? Money!

Our 24/7 Mental Obsession? Money!

You probably don’t expect your day-to-day life to have much in common with a '90s hip hop anthem.

But a survey from GOBankingRates reveals many of us really do have our minds on our money and our money on our minds.

In fact, 26.4% of respondents think about money more than anything else on a daily basisedging out those most preoccupied by work (26.2%), health and fitness (17%) and even their love lives (14%).


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So what is it about our finances that puts them top of mind?

Among seven money stressors, the biggest fearcited by one in five—is needing to live paycheck to paycheck.

Next came concerns of always being in debt; not being able to retire; losing a job; having your identity stolen; not affording a home; and being wiped out in the stock market.

The survey found that the amount of time spent mulling over money is about the same regardless of gender, but that the specific woes vary—men worry about a job loss and investments going wrong, whereas women stress most about living paycheck to paycheck and being shackled by debt.

Sticking to a budget tops the list of financial challenges, though age certainly plays a role. A third of young Millennials surveyed (ages 18-24) struggle most with paying for higher education while about a third of baby boomers (ages 55-64) highlighted planning for retirement.

And as for that other hip hop mantra, more money equals more problems? According to GOBankingRates, it's Americans with annual salaries less than $24K who stress the most about money every day.

Those bringing home $100K to $150K are the most likely to have work on the brain, while the highest earners are most inclined to daydream about vacation.

Still, regardless of income range, money takes up 25% to 30% of all daily thoughts.

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