11 Ways to Save on Budget-Busting Extracurriculars for Kids

save-on-extra-curricularsIf you have kids, nothing heralds the arrival of fall like a jam-packed after-school schedule full of soccer meets, band recitals and dance competitions.

That’s right—the new school year is in full swing, and with it comes another season of hustling your kids from one extracurricular to another.

But one thing is distracting you from cheering on little Tom and Susie from the stands: the cost of all those uniforms, fees and equipment!

A recent survey from American Express found that parents expect to pay about $409 per child this year on extracurricular activity fees alone.

But before you pull your kids from practice with the hope of saving a few Benjamins, consider these tips to help cut down on some of the biggest budget-busting after-school expenses.

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