The Week in Review, August 20, 2015: 5 Don't-Miss LearnVest Reads

The Week in Review, August 20, 2015: 5 Don't-Miss LearnVest Reads

We’ve rounded up our greatest hits of the week—the LearnVest stories that belong at the top of your must-read list.

First comes love, then comes marriage. And after that, come all kinds of life events that can strain your relationship and your budget. See what the experts recommend: 5 Marriage Milestones That Can Really Shake Up Your Money P.O.V. as a Couple

If you end up overcontributing to a 401(k) or, more likely, an IRA, there may be IRS penalties to pay. Here's how to navigate the situation: Ask a CPA: What Happens If I Overcontribute to a Retirement Account?

Taking time off after baby can come at a career cost, officially known as "the mommy penalty." Three women share how it affected them: Salary Confessions of Working Moms: ‘I Opted Out for a Few Years—and Paid for It’

You've heard about the student loan crisis. But what really happens when a grad faces default? We got the inside scoop: 3 Grads Confess: ‘I Defaulted on My Student Loans. Here’s My Story.’

It starts innocently enough, but keeping even small money secrets from a partner can snowball, with serious consequences: The Skinny on Financial Infidelity: 3 Ways People Keep Money Hidden From a Partner


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