7 Money Links We Love: Would You Trade Pay For Long Weekends?

7 Money Links We Love: Would You Trade Pay For Long Weekends?

We’ve scoured the web to bring you our favorite and most useful money-related articles. We read everything, so you don’t have to!

It's not only Boomers who have to support adult relatives—being the family ATM now crosses generations. 1/5 of Millennials Financially Support Their Parents, Says New Survey — Yahoo! Finance

Even as companies hire more, they’re holding the line on pay. The likely culprit? The adoption of one-time bonuses in lieu of raises. The Surprising Reason You Salary Isn’t Growing — Money

To attract recruiters' attention, avoid these LinkedIn faux pas. 5 Small Things That Make Recruiters Leave Your LinkedIn Profile (and Never Come Back) — The Muse

Americans are switching careers at the fastest rate in a decade, which bodes well for younger people seeking bigger paychecks. Barista Turned Stylist Shows Americans Switching Careers Again — Bloomberg

In an ideal workplace, you can see versions of yourself in five, 10, even 15 years. But for women, that exercise in identifying role models is getting tougher. Why We Need Older Women in the Workplace — The Cut

An annual poll finds that one in five workers would gladly trade a day's pay for a permanent three-day weekend. More Americans Would Take a Pay Cut for a Day Off — Huffington Post

"The Daily Show" host Jon Stewart is signing off after 16 years. Along the way, he dished out some funny—and informative—financial lessons. Jon Stewart’s 5 Most Priceless Money Moments — Money

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You've landed a meet-and-greet with a key player at a big company. Now what? Follow these tips from the pros. Career Experts Spill: 4 Questions You Do (and Don’t) Want to Ask in an Informational Interview

An Emmy-winning money maven chats about financial risks and the advice she'd give her 20-year-old self. Financial Fireside Chat of the Month With … CNN Correspondent Christine Romans

Three people share how they’d spend a surprise infusion of $10K, and a Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®) evaluates their plans. The Windfall Challenge: What Would You Do With $10,000?

If student loans are getting you down, learn from the payment attack plans of these savvy, low-income grads. Modest Salary, Epic Student Loans: How 3 People Are Paying Off Big Balances

Are back-to-school to-dos threatening your sanity? Don't panic—consult our week-by-week breakdown of what to buy when. Your Back-to-School Shopping Survival Guide: How to Nab the Best Deals in August


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