7 Money Links We Love: Baby on Board ... at Work?

7 Money Links We Love: Baby on Board ... at Work?

We’ve scoured the web to bring you our favorite and most useful money-related articles. We read everything, so you don’t have to!

To thine own self be true: How to reap the benefits of “financial authenticity.” How Being More Authentic Can Help Your Bottom Line — U.S. News

Ninety-two percent of employers are taking steps to keep older workers, recognizing their experience, institutional knowledge and leadership. Employers Want to Retain Older Workers, Study Says — Financial Advisor

Location, location, location. These infographics highlight the income necessary to thrive in 15 metropolises. Here’s How Much You Need to Earn to Live Comfortably in 15 Major U.S. Cities While Still Saving Money — Business Insider

What to do when you have too much of a good (professional) thing. A Guide to Juggling Multiple Job Offers and Coming Out on Top — The Muse

Women average 77 cents for every $1 earned by men, but that gap is shrinking in fields including engineering and art history. Women in These Jobs Are Closing the Gender Wage Gap — Money

Some companies are letting staff bring babies (ages 3 to 9 months) to their desks every day, claiming it's more effective than an office daycare or working from home. Office Pass, Vending Card … Baby — Financial Times

New government stats reveal that only about a third of households carry credit card debt month-to-month—down from recession levels of 44%. Watchdog: Consumers ‘More Responsible’ With Credit Card Debt — NPR

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From renting your car to selling your photos, here’s your guide to turning vacay into a payday. The Lazy (Profitable) Days of Summer: 7 Ways to Make Money on Vacation

Survivors of workplace shakeups share how to turn setbacks into comebacks. Tough Career Love Tales: ‘Why Bombing My Job Was the Best Thing That Ever Happened’

A new convertible for every kid? These indulgences will make your jaw drop. They Did What?! Money Pros Dish on the Crazy Things Parents Do for Grown Kids

Nearly 60% of us want to make a career moveincluding these people, who get some expert feedback on whether to make the leap. Is the Financial Grass Really Greener? 3 People Test Life in a Different Career

Financial hindsight is 20-20, and you can learn from these tales of a troublesome timeshare, a status-symbol splurge and other missteps. Dollar Do-Overs: 9 People Share ‘How I’d Do Things Differently’


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