Retirement Savings by Decade: How Do Your Digits Compare?

Retirement Savings by Decade: How Do Your Digits Compare?

Is your nest egg … normal?

When it comes to saving for retirement, it's helpful to know how you stack up.

Recently, U.S. News reported on a study by the Employee Benefit Research Institute that analyzed 25.8 million IRA accounts. The report showed the median IRA balances for savers in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and even 70s.

Wonder if you're ahead of the game or lagging behind? See how you compare to your peers with a glimpse at these IRA savings stats.


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The 20s: People in their early 20s had put away a median of just $3,708, while those in their late 20s had saved about $5,000.

The 30s: Those 30-34 had saved a median of $7,661—a number that jumped to $12,325 for investors 35-39.

The 40s: For people in their early 40s the median IRA balance was $17,745, which went up to $24,264 for those 45-49.

The 50s: Account holders in their early 50s had socked away a median of $31,692, a number which grew significantly to reach $41,149 by savers’ late 50s.

The 60s: As people approached average retirement age in their early 60s, their median IRA balance hit $55,807, while those in their late 60s had saved $75,277.

The 70s: For people in their 70s, the median balance for all IRA accounts stayed around $75,627.

Of course those stats don't tell you where you need to be to have the kind of retirement you want. To get an idea of what you should consider saving, check out LearnVest's M.A.S.H. calculator to estimate how much your golden years lifestyle will cost.

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