7 Money Links We Love: Overworked ... and Happy About It?

7 Money Links We Love: Overworked ... and Happy About It?

We’ve scoured the web to bring you our favorite and most useful money-related articles. We read everything, so you don’t have to!

Why July 4th could take a big bite out of your budget. Cost of 4th of July BBQ jumps 30% in past 10 years — MarketWatch

Skin health is a growing industry, with new research linking it to your predicted longevity. Could an analysis of your face inform your finances? This Surprising Sign May Tell You When to Claim Social Security — Money

A government watchdog group has publicized 7,000-plus grievances about banks and credit cards. Agency Posts Thousands of Complaints Against Banks, Others — Associated Press

Up to your ears in streaming services and delivery deals? Here’s how to slim down your subscriptions list. Ask These Four Questions to Cut Back on Unnecessary Subscriptions — Lifehacker

From teen money guides to Babylonian financial parables, glean age-appropriate financial insight with these top personal finance reads. Best Personal Finance Books for All Ages — Forbes

More than half of workers report that they're overworked—yet an overwhelming 86% also say they're happy and willing to work for a promotion. American workers are burned out and overworked — MarketWatch

Gen Y is likely to say moms who work can have just as good relationships with their kids as moms who don't. Millennials More Supportive of Working Moms than Previous Generations — Time

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Tickets are booked and sunscreen is packed—now financially prepare for that vacation with these must-do money tasks. Travel Checklist: 7 Money To-Dos to Tackle Before Your Trip

Don’t be a last-second Santa! ‘Tis the season to map out a holiday shopping game plan. Christmas in July?! 8 Ways to Get Your Holidays Off to a Budget-Savvy Head Start

Whether at a theme park or on a day trip, continue your kids’ education with these age-specific money lessons. 9 Clever Ways to Teach Kids About Money When School’s Out for Summer

Wondering how your state’s FICO scores compare? Here’s the (credit) state of the union. Infographic: Credit Scores Across America—How Does Your Score Stack Up?

There are enough hours in the day—and here’s how you can take advantage of them. The 168 Hours Challenge: How a Time Audit Can Reboot Your Work/Life Balance Mind-set

Let financial freedom ring! Motivational tales of huge financial wins. 'The Day I Felt Financially Free': 9 Inspiring Stories of Major Money Progress ‎

From boosting your career to cutting energy costs, here's the lowdown on this month’s most important financial tasks. Your July 2015 Financial To-Dos

When you’re on the road, these travel freebies will take you straight to your happy place. Is Anything Free When You Travel Anymore? 12 Totally Gratis Airline and Hotel Perks


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