7 Money Links We Love: How to Handle a Workplace Regime Change

7 Money Links We Love: How to Handle a Workplace Regime Change

We’ve scoured the web to bring you our favorite and most useful money-related articles. We read everything, so you don’t have to!

Families are spending an average of 16% more on collegebut the good news is that their earnings and savings have also increased. Families Are Paying More For College … and That’s a Good Thing? — Money

This interactive map lets you check out U.S. rent trends to see where prices are falling or skyrocketing. (For starters, steer clear of Jackson, Wyo. and Juneau, Alaska) Where Rents Are Rising the Fastest — CNN

The likelihood of experiencing depression or anxiety is three times higher among those in debt—but it turns out a mortgage just might be good for your sanity. Studies Show Your Financial Health Could Be a Good Indicator of Your Mental Health — Forbes

Soon 80% of the workforce will be Millennials. Some corporations are catering to Gen Y employees by offering qualitative reviews, better work-life balance and more. How Companies Are Changing Old Ways to Attract Young Workers — CNN

Are you guilty of buying that shiny new toy just because it's … well, shiny and new? Here's why “upgraded” doesn’t always mean better. Checkbox Syndrome: Why We Spend Money on Things We Don’t Need — Lifehacker

It’s disruptive whenever a team member leaves—and it's that much trickier when the person is your boss. Learn how to gracefully navigate a shake-up in senior management. How to Deal When Your Boss Resigns — The Muse

If you want to mitigate the damage to your wallet next April, there’s no time like the present to get planning. Start Strategizing Now to Keep Next Year’s Tax Bill Low — CNBC

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Who needs cash or credit? Follow the lead of modern-day barterers who score child care, carpets and cars—without spending a cent. The United States of Bartering: People Share the Savvy (and Free!) Ways They Swap Skills and Services

Money experts weigh in on which time is (financially) right for bringing home baby. Your Cash on Kids: Comparing the Costs of Having a Baby at 26 Versus 36

You may think you’re doing the right things at work, but are you actually frustrating colleagues? Here are workplace misbehaviors you'll want to overcome, stat. 5 No Good, Very Bad Office Behaviors That Could Be Holding You Back at Work

Oxford professor and non-profit founder William MacAskill shares his evidence-based approach for making more of a difference with your charitable giving and your career. Doing Good Better: Do You Have What It Takes to Be an Effective Altruist?

Talking about money can feel taboo, especially when the topic is a will or long-term care. Here are some guidelines for tackling the eldercare conversation. The Dos and Don’ts of 5 Eldercare Questions Everyone Should Ask Their Parents


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