The Winner of the May 2015 Call to Action!

The Winner of the May 2015 Call to Action!

Norah_Kelly_3At LearnVest, we recognize that your physical health and your financial health are closely related.

After all, whether you’re trying to shed weight or save money, you can use the same strategies for curbing negative habits and embracing better ones.

Which is why this May, we celebrated National Fitness Month by bringing you a range of tips to whip yourself into physical and financial shape.

We also posed this question for our May Call to Action photo challenge: What healthy fitness habit have you applied to your financial life—and what benefits have you seen, as a result?


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Thank you to everyone who shared! We enjoyed perusing your stories of strategies that apply to both financial plans and fitness regimens.

And congratulations to this month’s winner, who will receive $100: Norah Kelly, an advertising project manager in Portland, Oregon.

Below, check out Norah's story of how the switch from four wheels to two improved her health, and boosted her bank account to boot!

“I've been athletic my whole life—a competitive gymnast as a teenager, a ballerina as a college student, and a New York City gym rat in my 20s.

But it wasn't until I moved to Portland, Oregon five years ago that my fitness habits began to also inform my finances.


Portland is one of the most bike-friendly cities in the country, so when I moved here, my fitness habits organically evolved into cycling.

Little did I know that the purchase of a bicycle would end up yielding endless adventures and also lift one of my biggest financial burdens: a car.

By cycling daily, I've completely eliminated car payments, insurance, gas and maintenance from my budget—and used the extra money to both build a proper emergency fund and max out my retirement account each year.

Plus, I get to skip the traffic on my daily commute, fit in two workouts a day and arrive at work with the buzzy rush of endorphins.

My boyfriend and I also have a tandem and regularly spend weekends doing 60 plus mile road rides. The quality time spent together on bikes is better than any present we could ever buy for each other.

My above photo is from a recent trip to Hawaii, where we brought our bicycles and spent days exploring the intoxicating jungle roads and rugged coastlines. We got to see things the average tourist never would—and a sense of adventure was the only currency we needed.

My future cycling goals include doing a century (100 miles) with my boyfriend on our tandem, which we are already training for and plan to complete this summer.

And my future financial goals primarily center on retirement: I want to maximize my savings and investments as much as possible in the coming decade.

In short, cycling has consistently reminded me that spending my time collecting life adventures far exceeds spending my money collecting material possessions.”

Thank you for sharing, Norah!


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