7 Money Links We Love: Why Summer Is the Sunniest Time to Ask for a Raise

7 Money Links We Love: Why Summer Is the Sunniest Time to Ask for a Raise

We’ve scoured the web to bring you our favorite and most useful money-related articles. We read everything, so you don’t have to!

New reports find that not all "limited-time sales" are legit—especially at these three retailers, whose perpetual markdowns could be coaxing shoppers into impulse buys. 'Fake' Sales Trick Customers at Major Stores, Study Says — NBC News

Living within your means is easier said than done—but you don't have to make a lifestyle 180 to do so. How to Actually Start Living Within Your Means — Credit.com

Beware these sabotaging office moves—like wearing your emotions on your sleeve—that could eventually cost you your job. 12 Ways You're Sabotaging Your Career — Business Insider

Buying a new car might as well be a competitive sport: Only those who are prepared to go head-to-head with the dealer—and avoid these seven pitfalls—will win out. Watch Out for These 7 Car-Buying Pitfalls — CNBC

Thrifty shoppers rejoice! Garage sale season is upon us. Before you snatch up those discounted finds, check out these items that aren't really worth your pocket change. Things You Should Never Buy at a Yard Sale — USA Today

According to new reports, workers have a greater chance of scoring a raise in 2015 than any year since the financial crisis. Snag your own pay bump with these tips for a greener second half of the year. Why Summer Is a Great Time to Ask for That Raise — Money

If you're not careful, banking fees can suck up a decent chunk of change. Here are easy steps to avoid the worst of them. Stop Getting Gouged: All the Extra Banking Fees You Can Avoid — Lifehacker

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Clayton and Jessica thought they were playing their big home purchase by the book—until one out-of-budget decision changed everything. House Rich, Cash Poor: How One Couple's 'American Dream' Nearly Tanked Their Finances

From D.I.Y. dessert tables to out-of-the-box venues, these newlyweds found clever ways to cut down their Big Day expenses. 8 Newlyweds Reveal: 'My Ultimate Cost-Cutting Wedding Hack'

Fallen off the New Year's resolution bandwagon? Don't stress—these tips will help you reboot your money goals before 2016 rolls around. Financial Resolutions Reboot: 4 Ways to Help You Get Back on Track at the Six-Month Mark

CFP® Tom Gilmour explains how you can make progress on your financial goals by setting up—and checking off—bite-sized goals. 60 Motivating Seconds With a CFP: The “Quick Win” Guide to Nailing Your Money Goals

Two decades ago, Claire was a college student, living beyond her means—a habit that eventually led to her filing for bankruptcy. But these days? She's got an envy-worthy FICO® score of 784. A Life in FICO: How a 40-Something Worked Her Way to a Plum 784 Credit Score

Better habits don't come easy, but these tips from a business coach—including relying on written rules and kicking off a daily question challenge—can help you get there. 5 Minutes With a Money Luminary ... Behavior Change Coach Marshall Goldsmith

Summer might have you dreaming of vacations and getaways, but it's also a great opportunity to get ahead at work. Why you should consider livening up your LinkedIn or scheduling a mid-year review—before making those Summer Friday plans. Stop Slacking! 7 Career-Building To-Dos to Tackle This Summer

Think you're on top of your money game? See if you match up to these financially healthy benchmarks. 6 Telltale Signs You're in Great Financial Health


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