7 Money Links We Love: Why Retail Therapy Is Overrated

7 Money Links We Love: Why Retail Therapy Is Overrated

We’ve scoured the web to bring you our favorite and most useful money-related articles. We read everything, so you don’t have to!

Turn setbacks into comebacks by asking these key questions. Find Out Why You Didn’t Get the Job with These Followup Questions — Lifehacker

For weddings this year, 45% of couples went over budget—and 23% of couples didn’t even have one. How Much Would You Spend on Your Wedding? — Yahoo

Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew announced that, come 2020, a woman will be gracing the face of the $10 bill. Woman’s Portrait Will Appear on the $10 Bill — New York Times

Nearly two thirds of Americans report literally losing sleep over money concerns. Losing Sleep Over Money Problems? You're Not Alone — CBS News

Online banking is on the rise—yet cybersecurity experts warn against second-rate security. Banks Are Skimping on Website Security — CNN Money

Retail therapy isn't so effective, after all: new findings show it doesn't produce as much happiness as a simple cash reward.Why Does Shopping Make You Happy? — The Wall Street Journal

A new survey says Millennial savers are more likely track expenses and stick to a budget than their Boomer counterparts. T. Rowe Price: Millennial 401(k) Savers Have Better Financial Habits Than Baby Boomers — MarketWatch

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These fascinating reads will boost your money smarts while you soak up the sun. Poolside Guide to Money: 5 New Finance Reads for Summer

Money is a tangled topic for couples who’ve just tied the knot—but tag teaming on financial goals can help. Newlyweds Checklist: 10 Steps to Mapping Out a Money Mission Statement for Couples

Bliss out! Leverage these money experts’ insights for feel-good finances. When Money *Can* Bring You Happiness: 3 Cutting-Edge Researchers Share Their Secrets

Are you bogged down at the six-month mark? Breathe new life into old financial resolutions. Resolution Resuscitation: 3 People Revive Their Money Goals at the Midyear Mark—With TLC from A CFP

And baby makes … debt?! The surprising costs of parenthood. Baby Debt Diaries: 3 Cautionary Tales of New Parent Sticker Shock

Sometimes "good" isn't good enough. Check out the perks you get from a phenomenal credit score. Infographic: Score! 8 Perks of a Stellar Credit Score


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