7 Money Links We Love: Proven Ways to Be Happier at Work

7 Money Links We Love: Proven Ways to Be Happier at Work

We’ve scoured the web to bring you our favorite and most useful money-related articles. We read everything, so you don’t have to!

According to a new report, female investors manage just 2% of mutual funds. Why this is bad news for gender equality and your money. Women are In Charge of Only 2% of Mutual Funds — CNN Money

A new survey finds that less than 10% of workers get extra time off for a summer getaway each year—and even fewer are encouraged to actually disconnect during their free time. Only 8% of Americans Receive Extra Time Off This Summer — Priceline.com

Recent car purchases peaked at a 10-year high last month. Why buyers are losing out with long-term financing options. Here's a Smart Trade-Off for New Car Buyers — Bloomberg Business

Are you committing these email faux pas? Nix these phrases from your messaging vocabulary for more straightforward communication. 5 Common Words That Make You Sound Less Confident in Emails — The Muse

If you're not one of the 13% of LinkedIn users who check the professional network every day, you could be missing out on some major career advancement opportunities. You're Probably Using LinkedIn Wrong—And That Could Cost You Your Job — Huffington Post

A 2013 Gallup study found that of more than 180 million people, only 13% considered themselves to be "happily engaged at work." Want to fix that? 16 Things Guaranteed to Make You Happier at Work — Forbes

Paying off debt doesn't have to put your other personal goals at a standstill. These tips can help you travel without blowing your repayment plan. How to Pay Off Debt and Still Take Your Dream Vacation — Lifehacker

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'Tis the season for home improvement. Find out when it's worth saving some green and tackling these projects yourself, and when it smarter (and safer) to call in a pro. DIY or Hire a Pro? 5 Popular Summer Home-Improvement Projects

Nothing can ruin a trip quite like terrible accommodations. Rent a vacation home with peace of mind with these buyer-beware expert strategies. 5 Protect-Yourself Rules for Booking a Vacation Home

Do you see the glass half-full, half-empty, or ... just half there? Test your money outlook by taking the quiz! Quiz: Are You a Financial Optimist, Pessimist or Realist?

While it might make the most financial sense to pay for a car in full, few Americans can shell out five figures all at once. Use this guide to determine how long of a commitment you should make with your financing options. This or That: When Should You Buy Versus Lease a Car?

To stay at home, or to not stay at home—that is the question. Career pros, financial planners and moms weigh in on how to decide on what you'll do after expanding your family. The Big Debate: Should You Go Back to Work After Baby?

Who knew three little digits could mean so much? From almost losing a job to a business-launch roadblock, here's how three people came to realize the importance of keeping a healthy credit score. My Money Aha! Moment: 3 People on the Credit Wake-Up Call That Changed Their Lives

Retirement savings: Where to start? Instead of obsessing over one large (and intimidating) number, consider these strategies for taking a goals-based approach. Need to Light A Fire Under Your Nest Egg? Reboot By Saving for Specific Retirement Dreams


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