How to Maximize Those Water Cooler Convos

How to Maximize Those Water Cooler Convos

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Sunscreen, check. Passport, check. Security measures for your credit card ... check? Read up on these quick to-dos to safeguard your finances while traveling. 5 Ways to Keep Your Credit Cards Safe When You Travel —

Filled with an entrepreneurial spirit? You might want to consider one of these job-friendly cities to launch your new biz. Revealed: The No. 1 City to Find a Job — Entrepreneur

The number of debit card attacks from ATMs reached a 20-year high between January to April of this year. What can consumers do to protect their information? Theft of Debit-Card Data From ATMs Soars — The Wall Street Journal

Fancy yourself a super LinkedIn user? Get the most out of the site by familiarizing yourself with these new features. 4 New LinkedIn Updates You Need to Know About — The Muse

Taking to the skies for your summer getaway? It'll just be you—and 222 million other passengers. Why more flyers could translate to (modest) savings for you. Summer Skies: Airlines to Fly Record Number of Passengers — The New York Times

You can tell a lot about a person from the company they keep. Here's how to use those water cooler chats with colleagues to get ahead. How Your Coworkers Can Help You Succeed — Money

A new survey explains how nicer parks, lower crime rates, and higher confidence in local economies lead to more happiness for renters in expensive metropolises like New York and San Francisco. Renters Appear More Satisfied in Many Pricey US Cities — Associated Press

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Forget the pricey gym membership—these fitness apps will help you keep up your workout routine while enjoying the great outdoors. 8 Cheap Fitness Apps for Getting in Shape This Summer

Between favorable interest rates and higher credit limits, you might consider a HELOC a low-cost way to finance big-ticket expenses. But a LearnVest CFP® explains why you might want to rethink this potentially dangerous strategy. Ask a CFP: 'Should You Ever Take Out a Home Equity Line of Credit?'

What does budgeting look like in the Windy City? We broke down four Chicagoans' budgets to test—and boost—their money smarts. 4 People, 1 City: How I Spend, Save and Splurge in Chicago

With summer fun on the horizon, prepping for tax season might be the furthest thing from your mind. But we're covering five to-dos that'll be worth your while. 5 Tax Moves to Make Before the Summer's Over

Sabbaticals aren't just for the 1%. These tips and personal anecdotes will put you on the path to planning—and taking full advantage—of a professional recharge. The Realist's Guide to Sabbaticals: How to Take One—and Still Keep Your Job

You might not be able to avoid the sticker shock of today's ballooning college tuition, but parents can rein in their student's living expenses with these savvy moves. College Tab Realities: How Not to Let Hidden Costs Turn You Into the Bank of Mom and Dad

Just because your credit score is squeaky clean today doesn't mean you can coast from now on. Find out which sneaky missteps can trip up even financially healthy consumers. 6 Credit Mistakes Even Those with Stellar Scores Can Make


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