8 Newlyweds Reveal: ‘My Ultimate Cost-Cutting Wedding Hack’


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    • Cleo

      I think it can be useful for this type of list to distinguish between cutting costs and transferring costs for a wedding. I think it’s wonderful when family and friends help out to pull a wedding off, but that doesn’t always actually reduce the overall cost, just the cost to the couple.

      For example, having a friend who is a professional event planner do day of coordination as a gift is AWESOME! We did this with a friend who photographed one of our wedding events. But the actual cost – that person’s time at her regular rate – still exists, she just happens to be “paying for it” for you.

      Buying wholesale flowers and assembling with friends I’d say is an actual reduction in cost, because the flowers are cheaper and you are using non-professionals for assembly, so the actual cost of their labor (gifted in this case) is also lower (similar case with pot luck desserts, assuming all of your guests are not professional bakers).

      Getting bargain priced attire, stationery and linen is a definite cost reducer, but I don’t think a honey fund that you use to pay off wedding bills is quite the same. it’s great to use wedding gift cash in this way and we did it too, but I wouldn’t call it a cost cutter.