Quiz: What’s Your Financial SPF Factor?

coupleonbeach This summer it’s all about SPF.

No, we’re not talking about the sunscreen you’ll be slathering on while you’re at the beach—although that’s important too.

We’re talking about SPF for your money—an acronym meant to remind you of the importance of three financial fundamentals: save, protect, fund.

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By "save," we’re talking about building up your nest egg. "Protect" is how well you’re protecting your family and yourself through insurance coverage. And "fund" refers to your emergency fund—or how well you’re stashing away for a rainy day.

These elements of your money life are important to your financial security, so tending to them now will help boost the chances that you’ll have enough to cover everything—from that leaky roof to your golden years—when the time comes.

And in the same way that you probably wouldn’t lie poolside for eight sun-scorching hours without a good coating of sunscreen, you also wouldn’t want to leave your financial future unprotected by not being adequately prepared.

So put aside that beach read for a few minutes and take this quiz to assess your financial SPF factor.

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