7 Money Links We Love: When 0% APR Doesn't Mean Interest-Free

7 Money Links We Love: When 0% APR Doesn't Mean Interest-Free

We’ve scoured the web to bring you our favorite and most useful money-related articles. We read everything, so you don’t have to!

Even the most focused workers let their minds wander every once in a while. Just beware these habits that can turn you into a habitual office procrastinator. 3 Ways Your Job Could Be Turning You Into a Procrastinator — Entrepreneur

Turns out, the so-called confidence gap could be more of an "effect" than a "cause" of lopsided job opportunities for women at work. These studies explain why. The Real Reason Men Are More Confident Than Women About Getting Jobs — Bloomberg

About 100,000 households could be affected by the IRS' security breach earlier this week. Find out what you need to know to protect your information. IRS Data Theft: 5 Things You Need to Know — MarketWatch

Good news for your green! Compared to international currencies, the strength of the dollar is hitting record highs. What does that mean for you? Dollar Jumps Against Yen, Euro — The Wall Street Journal

Shopping is as easy as a few swipes and a click these days, but some online splurges are better for your wallet than others. Here's when digital checkouts really pay off. When It Really Pays to Buy Online — Consumer Reports

Did you know it's still possible to pay interest on a 0% APR credit card? Heed these precautions before you sign up. 3 Things You Need to Know About 0% Interest Promotions — Smart Asset

Reports show that about two-thirds of Boomers have difficulty adapting to retired life. Follow these tips—like safeguarding your resources—to successfully transition into your golden years. Ways to Make A Smooth Transition Into Retirement — USA Today

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It's easy to overspend when summer fun is calling. Take notes from these seven people who cut costs on everything from camp fees to keeping fit. ‘My Super Summer Savings Strategy’: 7 People Share How They Keep Budgets in Check

Fire up the grill with these out-of-the-ordinary barbecue recipes from exotic locales like South Africa and Korea. 10 Cheap BBQ Recipes From Around the World

SPF isn't just important for your skin. The acronym—which stands for save, protect and fund—can help keep your finances healthy, too. Quiz: What's Your Financial SPF Factor?

Forgo stuffy coffee meetings for a quick gym session—and enjoy the same career benefits. Here's how to start 'sweatworking' today. Modern Money Moment: Is ‘Sweatworking’ the New Way to Advance Your Career?

These days, more than 60% of HR pros use personality assessments to vet candidates during the interview process. Which ones are best at determining your work ethic? 6 Personality Tests That Could Make or Break Your Next Job Interview

About one in five credit reports contain errors that can damage your FICO® score. But it's not the end of the world if it happens—as long as you take action. Credit Crisis Averted! How 3 People Uncovered (and Fixed) Credit Report Mistakes


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