7 Money Links We Love: Are You Making This $43K Mistake?

7 Money Links We Love: Are You Making This $43K Mistake?

We’ve scoured the web to bring you our favorite and most useful money-related articles. We read everything, so you don’t have to!

New research finds that many bank-fee disclosures are "long, unintelligible and opaque." Ouch. The real deal on understanding confusing language and avoiding overdraft fees. Banks Improve, But Need to Do More on Fee Disclosures — NBC News

Whether you've been fired or found yourself in a dead-end job, these moves can help you make the most of an unfortunate situation—and get your career back on track. How to Survive the 4 Types of Career Transitions Everyone Goes Through — The Muse

Turns out that stack of old mail on your desk isn't just an eyesore—it could be costing you money. A professional organizer offers advice on how to tame your messy ways, and save cash in the process. Clutter Can Cost Money: Declutter, Lighten Up — USA Today

A new report reveals that one-third of full-time workers have struggled in the work-life balance department more over the last five years than ever before. What gives? Five Charts That Show Work-Life Balance Is Dead — Bloomberg

In today's digital society, cyber security is more important than ever. Here's how you can protect yourself and your devices around the Web. 8 Little-Known Security Tricks That Will Make You Harder to Hack — Business Insider

It's like taking candy from a baby—or free money from your employer. So if 98% of employers with a 401(k) offer some kind of match, why aren't more workers opting in? This Retirement Saving Mistake Could Cost You $43,000 — Money

Not every kid has access to a financial education. If your childhood money lessons were seriously lacking, check out this beginner's guide to setting up a budget, investing, credit cards and more. How to Start Managing Your Money, For Those Who Never Learned Growing Up — Lifehacker

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These days, moms are just as likely to be commanding the boardroom as cheering from the audience at their kids' ballet recital. We pulled together some surprising and thought-provoking stats about these financial powerhouses. Infographic: Work It, Mom! Wonder Women by the Numbers

It's tough enough to say "yes" to the right dress. So before you commit to working with a wedding planner, use this five-question litmus test. Looking to Hire a Wedding Planner? 5 Questions the Right One Should Ask YOU

Work-life balance isn't just a struggle for moms. We take a deep-dive into the workplace policies that don't favor fathers. Working Dad Guilt: Why Fathers Are Failing at Work-Life Balance

The average family will shell out more than $4K on a summer vacation. Why you should use those trip-planning talks as an opportunity to teach kids about saving and budgeting. Cash Conversation of the Month: Plan Your Big Summer Trip—as a Family

Could your financial pessimism be affecting your bottom line? Experts explain when—and how—to slay those inner money demons. Who's Afraid of Net Worth? 6 Fear-Based Money Moves That Can Lower Yours

If you think LinkedIn is just another social media feed to mindlessly scroll through, think again. These insider tips will have you job hunting, building your brand and hiring star talent like a pro. LinkedIn Super Secrets: 9 Tips for Job Seekers, Brand Builders and Hiring Managers

From hoping you'll die before tapping your nest egg to wanting to invest in informercial schemes, retirement pros have heard it all. Consider these cautionary tales of what not to do with your 401(k). They Said What?! Unbelievable Money One-Liners Retirement Planners Have Heard


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