Monthly Archives: May 2015

Generation Rent: A Region-By-Region Look at Why Gen Y Isn’t Buying Homes

In the West, it’s down payment fears. The Northeast? Debt. A report reveals the reasons why Gen Y won’t buy homes across the U.S.

House Rich, Cash Poor: How One Couple’s ‘American Dream’ Home Nearly Tanked Their Finances

Clayton and Jessica *thought* they were financially ready for a home—until a rookie mistake cost them their house and a $10K loss. More

8 Newlyweds Reveal: ‘My Ultimate Cost-Cutting Wedding Hack’

With the average wedding coming in at over $32K, these people devised clever ways to trim their big day tab. More

Median Home Price, Median Salary: What It Takes to Buy a Home in America’s Top Cities

New data looks at the minimum salary needed to become a homeowner in 27 cities. Would you believe one place only requires $29K? More

7 Money Links We Love: When 0% APR Doesn’t Mean Interest-Free

A look at the confidence gap between the sexes, six tests you could face on your next interview and more in this week’s roundup. More

Credit Crisis Averted! How Several People Uncovered (and Fixed) Credit Report Mistakes

Fact: 20% of people have credit report mistakes. But as these folks found, they’re easily remedied—if you take action. More

Why Being Good About Saving Can Save Your Health

A study finds habitual savers tend to be healthier—but not necessarily wealthier. Globally, the average habitual saver makes $41K.

100 Power Women Who Make the World Go Round

Forbes released its annual list of the most influential female leaders—from newcomers to hall-of-famers. Who came in first? More

5 Personality Tests That Could Make or Break Your Next Job Interview

Over 60% of HR pros use personality assessments to vet candidates when hiring. We dig into 5 to see if they really make the grade. More

Are Salaries Getting Short Shrift? Why Bonuses Are Replacing Raises

Companies are increasingly offering bonuses and other perks over salary bumps. What’s driving the “revolution in compensation”? More