Working Dad Guilt: Why Many Fathers Struggle With Work-Life Balance

Working Dad Guilt: Why Many Fathers Struggle With Work-Life Balance

Moms may be putting more time in at the office than ever—not to mention returning to work in record speed after giving birth—but it turns out that working dads have work/life pressures of their own.

According to new data from the Pew Research Center, fathers feel just as guilty as their female counterparts about being unable to strike a comfortable balance between work and home life.

In fact, about half of dads polled said it was hard to find good work-life balance, compared to 56% of moms surveyed who felt the same way.

As for how much time they spend with their kids, dads are split nearly down the middle about whether they dedicate too little or just enough time bonding with their children.


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Moms, on the other hand, are more likely to say they spend enough time with their children at 66%.

To add to the guilt factor, of the dads who claim they don't clock enough quality time with their kids, only 49% say that their parenting skills are up to par.

But despite the number of working parents—moms and dads—who feel they don't spend enough time at home, a new study from the Journal of Marriage and Family may help to lessen the guilt load.

The research, which looked at how mother-child bonding time can affect development, found that the amount of time moms or dads spent with their kids on an individual basis didn't have a significant impact on a child's growth. But teens who spent time with both parents showed significant improvement in daily behavior.

There's some other good news for working dads: 46% of those polled by Pew said that they spend more time with their kids than their parents ever did with them.


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