Digital Decluttering: 4 Ways to Organize (and Simplify!) Your E-Life

Penny Wrenn

ThinkstockPhotos-465743270You’ve deep-cleaned the kitchen, boxed up the winter sweaters, and dealt with that endless black hole of a top desk drawer. Spring cleaning 2015 … check!

Not so fast.

Decluttering isn’t just reserved for your home—in today’s internet age, digital debris can leave you feeling just as disorganized.

So in the spirit of seasonal sprucing, we asked Janice Russell, a productivity coach and professional organizer based in Raleigh, N.C., to give us the scoop on how to get your e-life in better order.

Decluttering … Your Smartphone

Today, there’s an app for everything. But after a certain point, usability goes out the window when you’re wasting time sliding through lots of screens in search of an icon.

If your iPhone has started to resemble a digital junk drawer, it’s time for a little tidying.

The Digital Fix “Ask yourself, ‘What do I want to use my phone for?’ And then equip it accordingly,” Russell says.

Maybe you’re a jetsetter who relies on your smartphone to save on airfare and last-minute hotel bookings. Or perhaps your grueling commute means you’re all about e-reader apps and games to keep you entertained. Whatever it is, make sure your iPhone apps are geared toward those top uses—and delete the others.

Once you’re left with only the programs you use often, Russell suggests grouping them into specific “landing screens.”

On most phones a simple drag-drop process automatically creates these folders, which can then be labeled with whatever category names resonate for you, like “social media,” “travel,” “kids,” or “eating/drinking.”

The result? You’ll be spending more time actually enjoying your smartphone apps than swiping past them.

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  • Julie

    May be good for Iphone but androids don’t have “landing screens”.