Quiz: Are You as Hirable as You Think?

hireability-quizThe weather isn’t the only thing that’s heating up this spring.

The job market—which has been in a deep-freeze mode—is finally beginning to thaw out, too.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employers across the country had a whopping 5 million job openings at the end of January—the highest number since 2001.

So whether you’ve been sticking it out in your current role for lack of better options, or you’re eager to scale the next rung of the career ladder, it’s prime time to hit the pavement.

If you’re like most people, you’re probably feeling pretty good about your chances of being hired: A 2013 Career Advisory Board study found that 72% of job hunters are confident that they know how to present their qualifications in an interview—and 56% are certain they understand what employers are looking for in an applicant.

But get this: Only 7% of hiring managers report that nearly all or most candidates have the right combination of skills and traits to fill open positions.

According to Andrea Kay, career consultant and author of “This Is How to Get Your Next Job,” this disconnect is due to a fundamental misunderstanding of what companies want.

“Most job hunters tell me their goal is to ‘stand out,’ and how hard that is,” Kay says. “Employers, on the other hand, say it’s not that hard. It’s just a matter of not doing what everybody else is—failing to present themselves as a consummate professional from the first point of contact and throughout the interview process.”

So before you shoot off your résumé for that job opening, take this quiz to learn how your job-hunting skills stack up—and how to ramp up your hirability quotient.

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