Money Links We Love: Snagged a Promotion? 3 Power Moves to Make Next

Money Links We Love: Snagged a Promotion? 3 Power Moves to Make Next

We’ve scoured the web to bring you our favorite and most useful money-related articles. We read everything, so you don’t have to!

Shopping for a new home? Here are six pieces of "advice" you can skip. 6 House-Hunting Lies You Need to Stop Believing — Trulia

You don’t say! A surprising new study is upending the long-standing belief that women don’t get equal consideration for science, technology, engineering and math jobs. Could It Be? Researchers Find a Hiring Bias That Favors Women — NPR Ed

You deserve a tax-time breather—but not before completing these five quick tasks to make filing in 2015 even smoother. Now That Your Tax Return Is Filed, What's Next?Huffington Post Financial Education

Sure, buying a house is a quintessential part of the American Dream, but don't overlook these potential downsides before taking the leap. Should I Buy a Home or Just Keep Renting? — Lifehacker

Recently scored that prized promotion? From re-defining your priorities to collaborating with your co-workers, here are three to-dos to help you rock the transition. 3 Counterintuitive Things You Should Do After You Get a Promotion — Fast Company

About one in three Gen Yers say they're getting financial help from their parents. But does it do more harm than good? Millennials Lean More on Parents (But Please Don't Call It Mooching) — USA Today

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Owning a home is a major money commitment, but this under-the-radar expert can help even newbies make savvy decisions. What Do You Do? A Day in the Life of a Housing Counselor

LearnVest CFP® Tom Gilmour explains what really affects your FICO score, and why closing an account may not be the best move. Ask a CFP: 'Should You Ever Close a Credit Card?'

You can't always get what you want ... but sometimes you can negotiate for it. Here's how to successfully finagle a raise, snag a new job, buy a car, and purchase a home—on your terms. The Psychology of Negotiation: 4 Ways to Get What You Want

Does spending more time in the trenches really help you get noticed around the office? Career experts explain how paying your dues can help you climb your career ladder—or backfire. Paying Your Dues: Professional Must or Workplace Dinosaur?

Turns out, it is easy being green. See how your sustainable living habits stack up to our portrayal of an ideal day in the life of a financially savvy tree hugger. 24 Hours in an Earth Lover's Day: 18 Ways to Save Green—Every Hour

What happens when life gets in the way of saving for retirement? A CFP® explains how one over-extended woman can regain her financial security. Hack My Nest Egg: Help! I Only Have $30K for Retirement


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