Monthly Archives: April 2015

The Surprising Thing About C.E.O. Pay (Hint: It Has to Do With Women)

A study finds top female execs earn about $18.8 million—far above their male peers. But that C-suite progress comes with caveats.

7 Money Links We Love: 12 Taboo Topics to Keep Out of the Office

Wealthy tech execs who penny-pinch, a Gen X and Gen Y money smackdown and more in this week’s roundup. More

Battle of the Generations: How Gen X and Gen Y Do Money Differently

From saving to splurging, here’s how these dueling demos *really* compare when it comes to money matters. More

5 Hacks to Cut Down on Moving Costs

Given that even an in-state move can set you back nearly $1,200, consider these simple tips for saving on the price of relocating. More

Quiz: Are You as Hirable as You Think?

Think you’re a good catch … to HR? Before you send that résumé, take this quiz to see how you really stack up as a candidate. More

Second Act Success: What It Takes to Nail a Career Change

A study finds 50% of people who switched careers scored a pay hike. The skills that will set you up for success. More

Survey Says: Home Renovations Are Heating Up

Builders, designers, and landscapers all report a boost in business this spring. So what’s fueling the desire to remodel? More

Cash Conversation of the Month: Plan a Family Financial Retreat

It’s like Camp David—for your finances. The next time you need to nail down money goals with loved ones, plan a financial retreat. More

Infographic: 3 Habits of Financially Optimistic People

Fancy yourself an optimist—about money? See if you practice these forward-thinking goal-setting, spending and negotiating habits. More

Blue Chip Kids: How to Raise Investing-Savvy Children

Want to rear a Wall Street whiz? The author of “Blue Chip Kids” shares how to get children of every age excited about investing. More