The Incredible Shrinking Middle Class: A State-by-State Analysis

The Incredible Shrinking Middle Class: A State-by-State Analysis

At this point, it's common knowledge that the American middle class has been on the decline in recent years.

But now, a new analysis reveals the local impact of this demo change—by breaking down just how much the middle class has shrunk, state by state, since 2000.

That's right: The percentage of the middle class—defined as those making between 67% and 200% of each state's median earnings—has plummeted in all 50 states over the course of the past 15 years, according to The Pew Charitable Trusts.


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Some areas have fared considerably better than others. Middle-incomers in Wyoming fell just 0.3 percentage points over that time—the smallest dip across the nation.

Wisconsin, meanwhile, did not fare as well. In fact, the Badger State suffered the largest decline across the country, with the middle class dropping 5.7 percentage points over the same period.

Still, as CNN Money notes, those stats don't necessarily spell bad news.

After all, a portion of Americans could be leaving the middle class for a more upbeat reason: the share of upper-income families across the country swelled from 14% in 1970 to 20% in 2013, a separate Pew Research study shows.

Curious how your own state stacks up? Check out Pew's interactive map to discover how the middle class is managing in your area.


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