Americans' Favorite Credit Cards Are ...

Americans' Favorite Credit Cards Are ...

Americans love their plastic.

And for good reason: If used responsibly, it can help you boost your credit score or even travel the world at a serious discount.

But there seem to be certain brands of plastic that consumers love more than others—a new survey by personal finance site Credio reveals the top credit card companies with the highest customer satisfaction ratings.


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So just what makes them such crowd-pleasers?

The opportunity to earn rewards is the single biggest factor—and the winners in those categories were Discover, Barclays and American Express, respectively. Customer service is also important, with American Express and Discover scoring first and second in that category.

The latest rankings square with other recent research by Brand Keys, which found that Discover and American Express tied for the highest score in customer loyalty. The same two were also awarded first place in J.D. Power’s customer satisfaction rankings last year.

One takeaway from all the research implies that Discover may be gaining an edge over American Express. In the Credio survey, Discover beat American Express by just a few points. And last year marked the first time that Discover and American Express shared the J.D. Power award—for years prior, American Express had consistently come out first.

Still, many customers stand by American Express, according to a survey by financial holding company Nomura, and the company just announced a new, first-of-its-kind cross-brand loyalty program, called “Plenti," that is sure to boost its consumer appeal.

Of course, there are tons of consumer-friendly cards besides the big-name brands. Take a look at this list to see which match your specific needs and interests.


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