7 Money Links We Love: Hear That Busy Signal? It's the IRS Hotline

7 Money Links We Love: Hear That Busy Signal? It's the IRS Hotline

We’ve scoured the web to bring you our favorite and most useful money-related articles. We read everything, so you don’t have to!

Despite stealing 85 million private records in 2014, hackers had a hard time turning the pilfered data into a payday. Here's why. Hackers Steal More Data But Get Less Money — Consumer Reports

A new government report reveals that while paychecks are increasing, prices are decreasing—two trends that bode well for consumer spending this spring. Wages and Prices: A Welcome Breakup — NPR

New research finds that, across the globe, women’s nest eggs are a whole lot smaller than men’s. Could this common behavior be the culprit? Women Saving Far Less for Retirement Than Men — TODAY

With concerns about Venmo’s security practices spreading, consumers want to know which—if any—digital money transfer services are safe. Here’s the (complicated) answer. Which Online Money Transfer Service is the Most Secure? — Lifehacker

Research suggests Americans are (slightly) less concerned about their financial wellbeing in retirement. But there’s one big mistake many are still making. Ready to Retire? Maybe Not Just Yet — CNBC

It's estimated that half of the incoming calls to the IRS hotline this year will go unanswered—and wait times will last beyond 30 minutes. Where else can you go to get your questions answered? Prepare to Wait for U.S. Tax Help — Reuters

Gimme a break! A study says the average American worker leaves nearly six vacation days unused each year. Yet it’s in a company’s best interest to ensure their employees take time off. The Price of Unused Vacation Time: $224 Billion — The Wall Street Journal

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As hackers adopt new, more sophisticated techniques, a security pro offers some tips for protecting your personal information. I Was Bank Hacked! An Honest Look at U.S. Banking Security

Whether you’re hunting for a new gig or gunning for a promotion, these clever ideas will help you give your professional life a spring makeover. Spring-Clean Your Career: 5 Expert-Backed Ways to Scrub Your Work Life Fresh

From eschewing professional help to taking unsubstantiated deductions, these taxpayers have made some costly mistakes. Find out where they went wrong, so you don’t end up in the same situation. 6 Tales of Tax-Time Blunders: ‘The Major Mistake I’ll Never Make Again’

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