7 Money Links We Love: Happy at Work? It Might Be Time to Start Looking

7 Money Links We Love: Happy at Work? It Might Be Time to Start Looking

We’ve scoured the web to bring you our favorite and most useful money-related articles. We read everything, so you don’t have to!

Now that Facebook’s Messenger app lets consumers transfer money, will it overtake Venmo and other popular mobile payment services? Facebook Messenger Is Rolling Out Mobile Payments. Venmo Should Be Scared — Slate

A new report finds senior managers in the U.S. earn four times as much as entry-level employees—a disparity that's grown nearly 11% since 2008. The Income Gap Between Bosses and Workers Is Getting Even Bigger — The Washington Post

The Fed recently signaled that it may hike interest rates in June for the first time since the recession. How would this move impact your financial life? What an Interest Rate Increase Means for Real People — CNN

A career expert dishes on why, “How am I doing?” is the most important question any professional can pose. Here’s how to get better at asking it. The One Thing That Can Supercharge Your Career — Forbes

Prenuptial agreements were once used to protect the assets of the wealthier spouse—but they’re now common in second marriages in which partners are financial equals. A New Way to Use a Prenup — The Wall Street Journal

No matter what career stage you’re currently in, you should never get too comfortable—even if that means looking for a new gig when you’re happily employed. The Company You Work For Is Not Your Friend — Lifehacker

Retirement planning is tricky for everyone—but women face a surprising number of roadblocks. Here’s how to overcome them and live out your golden years comfortably. 9 Reasons Women Will Never Retire — Kiplinger

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If you think the solution to your money woes is a few more zeroes at the end of your paycheck, think again. An author explains why being “wealthy” means knowing how to manage the financial resources you have. Walking the Thin Green Line: Why Being Wealthy Isn’t the Same as Being Rich

No need to shell out big bucks at Bed, Bath & Beyond to freshen up your abode. These clever tricks will leave your home spic and span—without busting your budget. 8 Clever DIY Spring-Cleaning Hacks That Will Save You Time—and Money

Filing taxes can be a complicated process—especially if you’re part of a duo. So we tapped CPAs for answers to married couples’ most complex queries. Married Filing Jointly … or Separately? CPAs Answer Couples’ Top Tax Quandaries

A personal finance pro explains why moms and dads need to start an open dialogue about money—way before their kids need to make any big financial decisions. ‘The Opposite of Spoiled’: A Guide to Raising Money-Savvy Kids Every Parent Should Read

Boosting your credit score is about more than just making your loan payments on time. Here are five techniques for bringing those three digits to the next level. 5 Simple Strategies for Taking Your Credit Score to New Heights

Solo retirement planning can be a challenge—but it’s certainly possible. Here, three real people share how they’re preparing for their golden years all by themselves. Single and Set for Retirement: ‘How I’m Building a Healthy Nest Egg on My Own’

From gossiping about senior management to ignoring red flags when interviewing a job candidate, five hiring managers share their biggest career flops—and what they learned from them. Hiring Managers Reveal: ‘The Biggest Mistake *I* Ever Made’

A LearnVest CFP® explains why the road to financial success is paved with small tweaks to your daily routine. The Beauty of the Bite-Size Money Habit


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