7 Money Links We Love: 6 Ways Money Can Buy Happiness (That's Right)

7 Money Links We Love: 6 Ways Money Can Buy Happiness (That's Right)

We’ve scoured the web to bring you our favorite and most useful money-related articles. We read everything, so you don’t have to!

According to Pew data, today's young adults are set to become the most-educated generation ever—and yet, their degrees aren't translating to jobs. Millennials: More Educated, Fewer Employed Than Gen X — CNN

Turns out, money can buy bliss—if you're spending it on your emotional well-being. Six Science-Based Ways That Money Actually CAN Buy Happiness — Washington Post

If you improperly estimated your annual income when signing up for an ACA health plan, you could be among the large percentage of U.S. households who owe Uncle Sam $794. Pocketing Obamacare Tax Subsidies Could Result in an $800 Tax Bill for U.S. Households — Yahoo! Finance

Only 14.2% of senior S&P 500 execs are women—and the pipeline of future female leaders is wearing thin. Is there hope for progress? Still Missing: Female Business Leaders — CNN

Will work for inspiration! C.E.O. Adam Miller highlights what professional Millennials really want. 3 Things Millennials Want in a Career (Hint: It’s Not More Money) — Fortune

According to new stats, mid-March to mid-April is the ideal time to put your house up for sale—with homes closing 15% faster, and for 2% more money than usual. 4 Reasons to Sell Your Home Now — CNN

Are you frequently tempted into “boredom buying?” How making lists can help keep your spending on track. Avoid Impulse Spending With a Big, Ongoing List of Fun Projects — Lifehacker

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'Tis the season for home-improvement—but exactly which projects justify the expense? Worth It or a Waste of Money? 6 Popular Spring Home-Renovation Projects

You don’t have to walk a tightrope to have a great balancing act. Check out these six tips for setting boundaries, staying focused and keeping calm under scheduling pressure. 6 People, 6 Balancing Acts: ‘The Brilliant Work-Life Hack That Saves My Sanity’

Are you guilty of overspending at the grocery store? Then clean up your shopping act with these eight hacks. 8 Simple Ways to Spring-Clean Your Grocery Buying Habits

Whether you're aiming to up your fitness or financial game, we're covering all the bases with these smart strategies. The Physical-Financial Connection: 3 Strategies for Helping to Curb Bad Habits

Do you have an unwieldy list of to-dos? Become a productivity ninja with these four efficiency-boosting books. 4 Power Productivity Books That Can Help You Get More Done—in Less Time

Tax Day is just around the corner! Make sure you’re prepared by double-checking which breaks you might have missed—from writing off wedding expenses to capitalizing on your energy-saving upgrades. ‘Give Me a Break!’ 11 Most Overlooked Tax Deductions and Credits


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