Monthly Archives: March 2015

Financial Literacy Across America: How 10 States Rate on Money Smarts

A report ranks U.S.-wide financial literacy, revealing surprising results. Where are people least likely to have a rainy day fund? More

10 Questions for … a Tax Preparer

From the merits of the “12-by-12 organizing system” to the most common mistake people make, a pro answers our top tax questions. More

What Savings? 1 in 4 Americans Barely Set Aside 5%

A survey finds 20% of people fail to save at all. But one demo is dramatically squirreling away more. (Hint: It’s not the rich.) More

The Skinny on Special Enrollment: 4 Times You Can Revisit Your Health Benefits

Even though open enrollment has passed, you can still make benefits changes—if you experienced one of these big changes. More

Ask a CPA: ‘How Do I Fix a Mistake on My Already-Filed Tax Return?’

Submitted your 1040 with an error? Don’t stress! A tax professional explains how (and why) to amend it. More

7 Money Links We Love: 6 Ways Money Can Buy Happiness (That’s Right)

Why now is prime time to list your house, the 11 most overlooked tax breaks and more in this week’s roundup. More

Horticulture Hacks: 5 Money-Saving Spring Planting Tips From Gardening Pros

From DIYing mulch to splitting roots, these expert tips will help save you time and money as you plot out your spring garden. More

Adventures in Rewards Points: ‘I Took $195K Worth of Vacations … for Only $14K’

Daraius and Emily are loaded—in credit card points, that is. Here’s how they got into the ‘big travel for small money’ game. More

The Sandwich Generation: Stuck Between Your Parents and Children

Caring for loved ones shouldn’t come at the cost of your own future. Here’s how to manage the (financial) balancing act. More

Freeze! 8 Grocery Staples You Don’t Have to Buy Fresh

From whole wheat bread to salmon and shrimp, shrink your supermarket bill by hitting the freezer aisle for these foods.