6 High-Tech Wearables That Are Worth the Investment

6 High-Tech Wearables That Are Worth the Investment

It’s a Friday night, and you’re dressed to the nines in your sleekest shoes, favorite jacket and … heart rate monitor?

These days, it isn't so hard to imagine.

Wearables—personal tech gadgets that can be used like accessories—are a rapidly growing market.

In fact, the number of Americans who use a wearable is predicted to triple by the end of this year, according to a recent report by Forrester Research.


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"As people have become accustomed to living a connected life via their smartphones, they're more interested in finding other devices that can enhance everyday life," explains technophile and Wearables.com co-founder Luis Rincon.

Today, that covers everything from colorful kids' watches with built-in GPS to workout apparel that clues you into whether you’re doing those bicep curls correctly.

And that's just the beginning.

Curious about the growing craze, we asked Rincon to help us round up six top-notch wearables that should be on your radar in 2015—from gadgets that pay for your latte to ones that perfect your posture.

Banking and Finance Wearables

Apple Watch

Starting at $349 (available April 2015)


The buzzed-about Apple Watch isn’t a mere timepiece. It's designed to make the top technology of your smartphone—from GPS to messaging—accessible on your wrist.

"The Apple Watch release will be the largest event for wearables this year,” Rincon predicts, citing its convenience as the biggest draw. "It’s great to see notifications on my wrist on the go and not have to pull out my phone or wonder why it just vibrated.”

Another cool perk? This device has the potential to revolutionize the way you manage your money.

As banks start developing apps for these devices, you'll soon be able to pay bills, make transfers, and check your bank statement—all from your wrist. And with Apple Pay, you'll even be able to make purchases.


Starting at $149 (available for pre-order)


Gone are the days of forgetting passwords ... or even your keys. The Nymi Band enables you to securely store personal information and unlock devices—from your email account to your car—with a flick of your wrist.

How's that possible?

Nymi’s unique HeartID biometric authentication technology confirms a user’s identity by sensing your heart's unique rhythm under the strap.

What's more, Nymi is developing the technology to allow for secure payments in the future—so swiping the device to pay for your morning coffee could soon be just a heartbeat away.

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Health and Fitness Wearables

Image Credit: JUNE

JUNE by Netatmo

Starting at $99

At this point, everyone's probably heard of Fitbit. But there are a host of lesser-known health devices in the world of wearables that are equally intriguing.

Take JUNE, a gadget disguised as a bracelet that monitors your skin's sun exposure. By syncing with your iPhone, JUNE registers exposure to UV rays throughout the day.

The device can also suggest the most appropriate SPF cream for your skin, nudge you when it's best to don the hat and sunglasses, and send notifications when it's time to head for the shade.

Lumo Lift

Starting at $99.99

Image Credit: Lumo Lift

You can stand a little taller with Lumo Lift, a new personal posture coach. Worn just like a lapel pin, the device tracks fitness and activity but also reminds you to sit up straight by gently vibrating when you slouch from your upper back.

“This is a great example of the broad applications of wearables,” says Rincon, noting that physical therapists are excited about what such wearables can do for their clients. "Within the posture category, Lumo Lift is the leader."

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Pet Wearables


Starting at $99


“The 'pet parent' market is very real, and while most owners might simply want to know their dog’s location," Rincon explains, "many are also interested in making sure their fur babies get enough activity."

Enter FitBark, a small device that attaches to your dog’s collar, allowing you to monitor his actions 24/7 by keeping an eye on his fitness, and tracking changes in behavior.

Plus, it might even make you healthier.

“It’s been shown that dog ownership improves activity,” Rincon says. “So FitBark may actually unintentionally get the humans to be more active too!”

Image Credit: Voyce


$299, plus a membership plan starting at $9.95 per month

Voyce is a collar that continuously monitors your dog’s vitals, allowing owners to check for symptoms of illness, as well as set fitness goals and reminders. You can even store medical records—and share the data directly with your veterinarian.

Members of this wearable subscription service also get exclusive educational content from leading dog experts, as well as articles tailored for their individual pooch.

While the price point is admittedly steep, dog owners looking for more advanced devices will likely find Voyce to be the Cadillac of pet tech.

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