9 Nifty Kitchen Gadgets That Do Wonders to Reduce Waste

9 Nifty Kitchen Gadgets That Do Wonders to Reduce Waste

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Put these nifty, eco-friendly tools and appliances to work in your kitchen—and watch your grocery bill shrink.

Save on Citrus

No more squeezing! No more seeds! Just insert this citrus sprayer into the trimmed end of a lemon or lime (even an orange or grapefruit!) and start spritzing. Great for salads, seafood and sautéed vegetables, this nifty dishwasher-safe device is a great way to cut down on half-used lemons shriveling up in your crisper.
Citrus sprayer, Lekue, $15 for a set of 2; surlatable.com.

ANNUAL SAVINGS $5.54: If you buy one lemon per week and half of it typically dries up in the fridge.

milk-frotherSave on Coffee

Treat yourself to a barista-quality coffee, chai tea or hot cocoa—at home. This battery-powered frother can whip up a splash of milk in less than a minute. It comes with a chrome stand for storage and works equally well for mixing sauces, vinaigrettes and eggs.
Barista milk frother, Bonjour, $20; amazon.com.

ANNUAL SAVINGS $148.44: If you replace one caffe latte a week with an at-home brew.

Save on Foods in Your Freezer

Bag your berries, beans and beef (or whatever you’ve got), run them through the FoodSaver sealing machine and toss them into the freezer. Air-free sealing keeps any food freezer-burnfree five times longer than storing it in a plastic container. What’s more, the current generation of FoodSaver uses 40 percent less bag material than older models.
FM2100 Series vacuum sealer, $120; foodsaver.com.

ANNUAL SAVINGS $480: If you freeze excess groceries rather than let them go to waste.

Save on Juice Boxes

Why send kids to school with expensive boxed drinks? These dishwasher-safe (on the top rack) boxes are made of Tritan, a durable plastic, and hold up to 8 ounces of liquid. The spill-proof lid guards against sticky lunch-box messes. Available in five colors.
Boxes, Precidio Design, $12 each; amazon.com.

ANNUAL SAVINGS $19.49: If your child drinks one juice box each school day. Store-bought apple juice boxes cost nearly $80 during the course of a year!

butter-makerSave on Butter

No need to bring out your grandmother’s ceramic crock. This clever jar lets you take one cup of heavy whipping cream and turn it into about 3/4 cup of fresh butter—with only three minutes of shaking. The built-in strainer makes it easy to drain out the buttermilk once it’s separated and to rinse the butter.
Buttercup, Chef’n, $15; amazon.com.

ANNUAL SAVINGS $17.37: If you make butter once a week rather than getting store-bought sticks. Mix in cinnamon sugar, honey or roasted garlic for delectable flavored butter.

Save on Dishwashing Sponges

Dish washing is (a little) more fun with this scrubbing wonder. Thanks to a special polymer material, the sponge turns soft in warm water, rigid (for scratch-free scouring) in cold water. Its aerated design means food particles won’t cling to the surface, and it dries completely in two hours, keeping the sponge odor-free for eight weeks or more.
Scrub Daddy, $4; at Bed Bath and Beyond.

ANNUAL SAVINGS $20.40: If you use one Scrub Daddy every month, rather than using a new sponge.

Save on Aluminum Foil and Plastic Wraps

It’s a little bit like magic: Charles Viancin silicone lids can grip any smooth, rimmed pot or bowl, including hot casserole dishes and wooden bowls. They can replace plastic wrap for leftovers and aluminum foil when you’re toting a dish to a party.
Storage lid, Charles Viancin, $7-$10; surlatable.com.

ANNUAL SAVINGS $1.62: If you use a lid in place of plastic wrap or foil; American families use 3.3 rolls of wrap per year on average.

rezip-bagsSave on Reusable Baggies

These BPA-free sandwich and snack bags are freezer-safe and easily hand-washed. Just hang over a cup or drying rack to allow the inside to dry completely.
(Re)zip seal starter kit, Blue Avocado, $30 for 5 pieces; amazon.com.

ANNUAL SAVINGS $12.40: If you pack a sandwich and snack bag for two kids each school day (replacing 720 baggies per year).

Save on Avocados

Is there anything yuckier than splurging on a gorgeous avocado, storing half of it in the fridge—and removing a mushy brown blob the next day? These dishwasher-safe sleeves hug the cut side of the avocado to keep it fresh longer. The set comes with two sizes, so you can save those buttery Hass beauties as well as the big, round Reeds.
Avocado Hugger, $10 for 2; foodhuggers.com.

ANNUAL SAVINGS $20.26: If you buy three avocados a month and part of each goes bad.

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