7 Money Links We Love: Why Women Should Put the Brakes on Hyper-Networking

7 Money Links We Love: Why Women Should Put the Brakes on Hyper-Networking

Women tend to be savvier investors than men—but is it their relative lack of confidence that’s driving their success? What Men Can Learn From Female Investors — U.S. News & World Report

Research suggests kids are some of the most vulnerable targets of identity theft. In the wake of the Anthem data breach, here are simple strategies for keeping them safe. 3 Ways to Protect Your Kids From ID Theft After Data Breaches — Credit.com

Big fashion brands like Macy's and Michael Kors are struggling, thanks to new trends among young adults—like living in athletic wear. Rebellious Millennials Are Turning Into a Huge Problem for Retailers — Business Insider

The average adult scored a measly 51% on a personal finance test about the tax implications of retirement, college savings and health care. Which question stumped the most people? Americans Get an ‘F’ in Income Tax Quiz — MarketWatch

Recent research reveals that racial wealth gaps have persisted over the last 25 years, with Caucasian families still faring far better than Hispanic and African Americans. Racial Wealth Gaps: What a Difference 25 Years Doesn’t Make — The Wall Street Journal

Networking is a great way to jumpstart your career—unless you’re a woman. New research suggests that men reap greater rewards from forging professional connections. Why “Network More” is Bad Advice for Women — Harvard Business Review

Filing your taxes is complicated enough, but it gets even trickier if you work from home. From the telecommuting tax penalty to the requirements for deducting a home office, here’s what you need to know. Five Things You Need to Know About Taxes if You Work From Home — Lifehacker

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These numbers say it all: The sooner you ramp up your retirement-savings game, the better. 30 or Bust? What Retirement Really Looks Like When You Put Off Saving

Don’t let a mistake on your credit report wreak havoc on your financial life—especially since it takes no more than 10 minutes to spot one. 10-Minute Money Move of the Month: Sleuth for Errors on Your Credit Report

From saving for retirement to impulse spending, we’ve rounded up some surprising stats on how men and women approach money differently. Battle of the Sexes: How Men and Women Do Saving and Splurging Differently

Whether you’re hoping for a raise from a stingy boss or you’re stuck managing a Grumpy Gus, these strategies will help you tackle the stickiest office situations—without alienating your colleagues. 5 Ways to Be a Power Influencer at Work … and Still Play Nice With Coworkers

As a two-time surrogate mother, Julie helped couples fulfill their dreams of parenthood. A Surrogate Mother Speaks: ‘I Got Paid $60K to Help Couples Become Parents’


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