7 Money Links We Love: Why Women Beat Men in the Battle of the Portfolios

7 Money Links We Love: Why Women Beat Men in the Battle of the Portfolios

We’ve scoured the web to bring you our favorite and most useful money-related articles. We read everything, so you don’t have to!

Kids can ask some tricky money questions—“Are we poor?”—but you can use their curiosity as an opportunity to teach healthy financial habits. Tough Money Questions Kids Ask, and How to Reply — Lifehacker

As mortgage rates continue to plunge, experts say more than 7 million homeowners are eligible to refinance. Would you benefit from adjusting your rate? A Silver Lining to Falling Yields: Time to Refinance — CNBC

A growing number of Gen Yers are opting for homeownership before wedding bells—thanks to these key factors. Why Millennials Put Mortgage Before Marriage — GOBankingRates

Neglected to negotiate your starting salary? Blew off a great job offer that you wish you’d jumped on? No biggie. Here are five easy strategies for fixing professional mishaps. How to Undo 5 Common Career Mistakes — Yahoo!

Just because you love your family doesn’t necessarily mean you’re in a position to assist them financially. Here are five ways to make sure that money doesn’t mess up your relationship. 5 Questions to Ask Before You Help a Family Member Financially — MainStreet

New research finds women investors make a whopping 12% more money than men. What account churn has to do with it. Who Make Better Investors: Men or Women? - CBS

A new study pinpoints where people shell out the most—and the least—for their sweethearts. Can you guess where most of their money is going? Which is the Most Romantic City in America? — Today

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Tim caught the real-estate-investment bug while still in college—and now he’s increasing his net worth by $72K every year. Story of a Self-Made Real Estate Mogul: ‘I Quadrupled My Net Worth in Five Years’

From a gadget that tracks Fido’s fitness to a device that helps you achieve perfect posture, these hot new technologies will make everyday life a little easier. 6 High-Tech Wearables That Are Worth the Investment

Some of the most exciting times in your life—like scoring a dream job or having a baby—may also call for big changes in your health care strategy. 4 Milestones That Can Have a Big Impact on Your Health Care Game Plan

Looking to impress that special someone … without busting your budget? Consider one of these creative presents—like a “You Complete Me” jigsaw puzzle. 10 Clever Valentine's Gifts for Under $20

Lately it seems like everyone is just itching to dish about their money life. If that makes you uncomfortable, here’s how to deal in a culture of financial over-sharers. TMMI! Is the New Culture of Too Much Money Information Invading Your Life?

With medical expenditures on the rise, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by mounting health care costs. Here are helpful strategies for handling medical debt—like calling your credit card's hardship department. Your Medical Debt Rx: 7 Ways to Manage High Medical Bills

Kathlyn adored her work in the non-profit world, but the meager salary could never fund the life she dreamed of. So she left for a more lucrative—but less satisfying—gig. Confessions of an Ex-Non-profit Employee: I Left a Do-Gooder Job I Loved for More Money


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