Career Confidence: 6 Ways to Artfully Self-Promote at Work

Jane Bianchi

self-promoteWallflowers are so last season.

Instead of blending in, you’ve decided that standing out is the strategy you’ll use to accomplish your big life goals.

And you’re already well on your way.

So far, you’ve overhauled your dating profile to catch more eyes, and you’ve signed up to sit in the front row of your spin class for added motivation to get in top shape.

Now it’s time to map out how the “Look at me!” strategy can catapult you to career success—and not just annoy your coworkers.

Whether you’re angling for a job change, promotion or just a pat on the back from your boss, learning how to promote yourself at work can give you the edge you need.

Just ask Lauren Bowling, a content strategist in Atlanta. In 2012 the 27-year-old was applying for an administrative assistant position, but inadvertently landed herself a job she was more passionate about because she spoke so enthusiastically about her off-time interests, blogging and social media.

The hiring manager was impressed by the fact that Bowling had over 1,000 Twitter followers—more than the company had—and that she sought out webinars to learn more about how to market herself.

“I didn’t get the administrative assistant job, but three weeks later, they called and said they were looking for someone to run their social media,” she says. “They thought I’d be a good fit.”

The lesson learned? “If I don’t promote myself, no one else will,” Bowling says. “I’m the expert on me and my story.”

To master the art of tooting your own horn like Bowling, check out these six techniques geared toward helping you build a personal brand that projects confidence—not arrogance—and will make others pay attention.

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