Financial Planning: Why It's More Than Just a Numbers Game

Financial Planning: Why It's More Than Just a Numbers Game

From your budget to your investment dividends, there are a slew of calculations—both simple and sophisticated—involved in financial planning.

But your finances are about much more than just the math.


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After all, a financial plan is ultimately about putting your money behind your values, to help you get closer to achieving what you really want in life.

In fact, your reason for getting a plan in the first place should help guide which allocations will work best for you. Buying a home, supporting a family, traveling the globe, and enjoying a comfortable retirement—these are all potential outcomes of getting the numbers right.

But the reality is that how you feel about your money also matters, and if you have a poor plan in place for your finances, it can lead to all sorts of negative consequences:

In the office: Over 60% of human resource professionals say financial stress is having an effect on employee work performance.

On our relationships: Research suggests that arguing about money may be the top predictor of divorce.

On our physical health: Financial worries have been correlated with anxiety and digestive issues, which are representative of chronic stress.

And based on recent research compiled on clients entering the LearnVest program, there's a significant correlation between age and how confident people feel about their money. Until people reach their mid-20s, financial confidence is actually rather high. But then it takes a big nosedive as financial responsibilities—and stresses—increase with age.
But there may be a solution: A study by the CFP Board found that people across age and income levels who adopt a financial plan tend to feel more confident about their money decision-making skills, save more, and feel better about the progress they’ve made on their financial goals.

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