Confidence Looks Good On You: Talking Money With NFL Pro Arian Foster

Confidence Looks Good On You: Talking Money With NFL Pro Arian Foster

nycamp_foster-instaIn 2015, we want to get America financially confident. It’s a resolution that many people—from all walks of life—could benefit from.

We recently conducted a study and found that, contrary to popular belief, financial confidence does not increase with age—or even earnings.

It actually takes a big nosedive once people hit their mid-20s. To boot, 76% of the country lives paycheck to paycheck—regardless of income.

So we’re here to help.

To kick things off in the New Year, we've asked a handful of our favorite role models and trendsetters to inspire us. Money is something we all have to deal with, but with the right tools and information, we can be in a better position to do it well. #ConfidenceLooksGoodOnYou

Today, we sit down with NFL star running back, Arian Foster.

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