7 Money Links We Love: The Biggest Myth About Women Investors—Debunked

7 Money Links We Love: The Biggest Myth About Women Investors—Debunked

We’ve scoured the web to bring you our favorite and most useful money-related articles. We read everything, so you don’t have to!

President Obama recently proposed new standards to protect consumers from hackers—including a requirement that companies notify customers within 30 days if their information has been compromised. How the White House Wants to Save Americans From Cybercriminals — MarketWatch

Only 8% of American workers are satisfied with their salaries—and yet less than half have ever asked for a pay bump. What's holding them back? Wanting a Raise, But Afraid to Ask — The Wall Street Journal

In a move to help working parents, Obama is pushing initiatives that will require companies to give seven days of paid leave, along with other family-friendly policies. Why We Think Paid Leave Is a Worker's Right, Not a Privilege — LinkedIn

About 80% of taxpayers receive a refund—but you might be surprised to learn which demographics get the most money back. Nearly 8 Out of 10 U.S. Taxpayers Get Refunds — CNN

From being a Debby Downer to keeping your desk like a pigsty, these six surprising behaviors can prevent you from advancing in your career. 6 Things You Don’t Know You’re Doing That Hold Back Your Career — MainStreet

Despite common misconceptions, it turns out women aren’t necessarily more cautious investors than men. A new study of wealthy women finds they’re actually more likely to take risks—as long as they understand the trades. What Wealthy Women Want — CNBC

Survey says: These five online tools are the most effective for tweaking and storing your passwords. Five Best Password Managers — Lifehacker

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A CPA spills on how she dug out of debt—and why a successful exit strategy comes down to personalizing your financial plan. The Debt Escape Plan: Lessons From a Former Credit Junkie

Searching for a new gig? Find out what recruiters are looking for, and how you can package your skills and experience to impress them. Hiring Manager Report: What's in Store for Your Career in 2015

If you're itching to get out of the winter cold, we've got good news: Socking away for a spring getaway can help you boost your overall savings game. 60 Motivating Seconds With a CFP: How Saving for a Vacation Can Help Improve Your Finances (Really!)

These people broke the age-based money mold—and are better off for it. 'I Defy the Money Stereotype': 4 Stories of Going Against the Financial Norm in Your 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s


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