7 Money Links We Love: Did The Recession Ruin Americans’ Retirement Savings?

7 Money Links We Love: Did The Recession Ruin Americans’ Retirement Savings?

We’ve scoured the web to bring you our favorite and most useful money-related articles. We read everything, so you don’t have to!

Are you "motivated" to succeed and "passionate" about your career? Add “cliché” to that list of descriptors. New research highlights the most overused words on LinkedIn profiles—and we bet you’re using some. Brand YOU Year: How to Brand Yourself Without Sounding Like Everyone Else — LinkedIn

Just as the World Economic Forum is convening, a new report says that the richest people will control half of the world's wealth by 2016. Report Says Richest 1% Will Control Most Wealth by 2016 — USA Today

This definitely isn’t your parents' office. Today’s workplaces are characterized by these 10 qualities—like flexible schedules and casual dress codes. From Diversity to Dogs: The 10 Workplace Trends for 2015 — MainStreet

Scared to talk salary? Find out how a dozen women in fields ranging from pharmaceuticals to urban planning petitioned for raises—and what they wish they’d known then. 12 Women on How to Ask for More Money at Work — New York Magazine

Not everyone who works remotely has a dedicated, spacious home office. But these simple tips—like creating a “busy” sign for your family—can help you be productive anyway. How to Work From Home Effectively When You’re Short on Space — Lifehacker

According to a new global report, two out of every five workers either reduced or completely stopped saving for retirement during the downturn in 2007—and many haven't yet caught up. Bleak Future for Retirees as Savings Slashed — CNBC

From the child tax credit to the child care reimbursement account, these 10 tax breaks should be on all new moms’ and dads’ radar. Most Overlooked Tax Breaks for New Parents — Kiplinger

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You already know that skimping on sleep and scarfing down junk food can have negative effects on your body. Here’s how unhealthy habits can hurt your wallet. 5 Ways Your Health Can Impact Your Financial Well-Being

You’re never too young or too old to feel better about your finances. Here’s a decade-by-decade guide to surmounting the money obstacles you might encounter. Want to Boost Your Money Confidence? 3 Moves to Consider Making in Your 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s

If the idea of investing your hard-earned cash seems scary, start out slow and up your confidence by setting up a mock portfolio. New Year, True You Weekly Challenge: Week 3—Try an Investing Dress Rehearsal

Sydney didn't just survive cancer—she found ways to survive a potential financial crisis, too. Money Mic: How a Routine Health Exam Saved My Life—and Bank Account

Three experts offer their predictions for your finances in 2015. Hint: There’s good news for the job market and housing sales. Economic Crystal Ball: 3 Investing Bigwigs Offer Market Predictions for 2015

Want to give your kids a better chance of becoming financially confident adults? These clever tips—like using the alphabet approach—can help. Everything You Need to Know to Raise Financially Fearless Kids: 12 Ways to Instill Money Confidence at Every Age

By the time Deacon and Kim said their “I dos,” they were already heavily indebted. Here’s how they dug out together—and turned their financial lives around. A Tale of Two Newlyweds: How We Paid Off $52K of Debt in Under Two Years


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