Monthly Archives: January 2015

Hit With a Hefty Overdraft Fee? 3 Ways to Get It Waived

If you overdrew on an account due to an innocent oversight, use these tips to ask your bank for forgiveness. More

The Bank Under Your Bed: Why People Are Stashing Cash at Home

A surprising poll finds that 29% of Americans opt to keep significant savings in bills and coins—instead of at a bank. What gives? More

Is All Debt Considered Bad Debt?

LearnVest financial planner Matt Shapiro offers pointers on how you can tell the difference. More

Not Living Large and Still Scraping By? 7 Life Changes That Could Help Your Finances

When small spending cuts aren’t enough to make progress on your money, these bigger lifestyle moves could finally get you ahead. More

7 Money Links We Love: When $$$ Can Buy You Happiness

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3 People, 3 Insurance Plans: ‘How My Health Coverage Helps Save Me Money’

From footing a big IVF bill to rewarding healthy habits, these people share how their policies have benefited their budgets. More

How Much Do You Really Need to Be in the Top 1%?

New data shows how much the richest Americans are pulling in state by state. Can you guess where the 1% makes under $250K? More

4 Building Blocks of Financial Well-Being

A government report pinpoints the top habits of financially secure Americans—and, no, it’s not just about having a high income. More

Confidence Looks Good on You: Talking Money With theSkimm Co-Founders

We asked trendsetters—like the women behind theSkimm, Danielle Weisberg and Carly Zakin—to help us get financially confident. More

60 Motivating Seconds: How to Calculate Your ‘Cost Per Happy’

Who knew a simple math equation could help you break the impulse buy cycle? That’s your cost per happy. More