The Winner of the November 2014 Call to Action!

The Winner of the November 2014 Call to Action!

judi simcoxThis month at LearnVest, we turned our focus to family.

As crowds all over the country gathered to express gratitude for what they have, we discussed how you can protect your family financially, with six tips for starting the conversation about estate planning.

And with your loved ones’ financial future on the brain, we posed this question for our November Call to Action: What special asset do you want to make sure remains in your family, and what are you doing to help protect it?


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We received over 30 answers, from readers who hope their grandchildren will cherish their home library to those who want to guarantee their dogs are taken care of. Thank you to everyone who shared!

And congratulations to this month’s winner, who will receive $100 to help her achieve her financial goals: Judi Simcox, a biochemist from Salt Lake City.

Below, check out the story of Judi’s childhood home—and the beautiful property she hopes to keep in her family for generations.

“Over 100 years ago, my great-grandfather homesteaded in Montana. To me, it is the most beautiful place on earth. I discovered so much of my personal identity while I grew up here, worked in the fields and learned about my family.


“The homestead is also where I learned about money, because you can start working at a young age. When I was seven, I began working at our neighbors' roadside stand selling corn, squash and beets. By socking away that money through the years, I was able to save for college, and I learned that compound interest is a powerful thing.

“It’s difficult to pick a favorite memory from the homestead, but I would say cooking with my father. My grandmother was an amazing woman—the first in town to have a college degree and a home economist for General Electric. Even though I never got to meet her, she passed down a lot of recipes to my dad, so I was able to get to know her through cooking. However, every day while I was growing up was pretty lucky. The property is only a few miles from a river, so I grew up fly-fishing, horseback riding and raising goats and pigs.

“Although we no longer farm for profit, we've managed to keep the property in our family. To ensure that it stays in our family, my father willed it to all three children, so that any decisions have to be joint decisions. We’ve also taken out life insurance policies on my parents as well as started a trust devoted to maintenance. Hopefully, my nephews and children will understand the beauty of this place and keep it in the family for many more generations!”

Thanks for sharing, Judi!


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