8 Just-in-the-Nick-of-Time (Yet Still Thoughtful) Holiday Gifts

Last-Minute-Christmas-ShoppingBetween booking your holiday travel, attending countless soirées, and juggling end-of-year deadlines at work, you're liable to forget to buy a holiday present ... or two.

But since Christmas is just around the corner—and long gone is the window for preordering the season's hottest gifts—it's officially holiday-shopping crunch time.

So what’s a would-be, idea-less Santa to do?

If you find yourself in a Christmas Eve bind, check out these great gifts for the eleventh-hour shopper.

Each one is easy to find in a rush because it's still likely to be in stock, or doesn't require a trip to the store.

Even better? They’re also fun, thoughtful—and won’t hint to your recipients that they slipped your mind.

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