7 Money Links We Love: Why the U.S. Has the Worst Gender Wage Gap

7 Money Links We Love: Why the U.S. Has the Worst Gender Wage Gap

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Curious as to what your next big career move should be? Then check out this chart, which shows the most common job transitions, based on a new study of LinkedIn users. Charting Your Next Career Move With Data From LinkedIn — LinkedIn

Amazon's recent announcement that it would allow a price-haggling feature appears to be a growing trend. Are negotiable prices good for consumers? Consumers May Soon Be Shopping Like It’s 1899 — MarketWatch

Giving two weeks’ notice is just the beginning. If you want to stay on good terms with your former boss and co-workers, follow these tips—like showing how thankful you are for the experience. How to Quit Your Job Without Burning Bridges — Harvard Business Review

Across the country, the cost of employer-sponsored health insurance is rising faster than the growth of wages. Why the average single worker's plan cost nearly $6,000 last year. Job Health Insurance Costs Rising Faster Than Wages — CNBC

According to a new poll, only 64% of Americans still believe that hard work can lead to financial success—the lowest amount in almost two decades. What explains the decline? Many Feel the American Dream Is Out of Reach, Poll Says — The New York Times

Just when you thought the U.S. was making some progress on the gender-discrimination front, a new report finds Americans have the widest gender gap out of 38 countries. We’re No. 1 When It Comes to the Gender Wage Gap — NBC

For families planning to apply for college financial aid, the clock is ticking. This first-timer’s guide breaks down the most-important to-dos, like rounding up all the relevant paperwork and reading the fine print on applications. A Beginner’s Guide to Applying For College Financial Aid — Lifehacker

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Some people use them to rack up rewards. For others, it’s helped them pay down debt. Check out how—and whyfour folks use their credit cards to help manage their money. Peek at My Plastic: 4 People Share Their Personal Credit Card Strategies

Heading to a holiday party, but short on cash? Fear not—your host will be thrilled when you bring one of these creative crafts, like handmade soap or a terrarium. 10 DIY Holiday Hostess Gifts You Can Make for $20 or Less

It's one thing to make a New Year’s resolution—but another, entirely, to stay on track in order to achieve it. Find out what this pro has to say about how real people can stay motivated to hit their 2015 money goals. 3 People, 3 Money Goals: A Behavior Change Expert Explains How to Stay Motivated

Wait—Christmas is only two weeks away?! Stay calm, and check out this list of retailers that provide free shipping on clothing, tech and more, in time for the festivities. Late for a Very Important Date? 16 Retailers That Offer Free Shipping in Time for Christmas

Don’t waste time prettifying your resume or trying to be quippy in your cover letter. Career experts dish on what will and won’t help you land your dream job. 5 Things Job Candidates Obsess Over—But Hiring Managers Don't

The survey says: Men loathe holiday shopping. Yet these four guys successfully navigate the seasonal to-do without breaking a sweat. Guys' Guide to Holiday Shopping: 4 Men Share Their Gift-Buying Strategies

If you’re hoping to start saving more, self-control is key. Find out how one pivotal study on kids and marshmallows could help you tackle your money goals. The Marshmallow Approach to Retirement: 4 Science-Backed Ways to Build Up Your Nest Egg


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