10 DIY Christmas Ideas From Crafters Across the Country That Cost $10 or Less

christmas-craftsWhat would the holidays be without a few heartwarming, handmade ornaments nestled in your tree? Or stocking stuffers that your loved ones knew were made with a little TLC by you rather than mass-produced in a factory?

Unfortunately, a lot of holiday crafts require a real commitment. But if you've ever watched a tutorial and thought, “I could do that—if I had 12 hours and $200 to spare…,” we've got you covered.

We knew there had to be crafts out there that didn’t require super-costly supplies or infinite quantities of free time. So we scoured DIY sites to get ideas from bloggers across the country, and, sure enough, we found them!

Every project in this roundup can be made for $10 or less—and are still cute enough to gift to your loved ones or stand next to the nutcracker on your fireplace mantel. So whether you’re into sewing, snipping or slathering glitter all over everything, we’ve got a DIY project for you.

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