Welcome to the 'She-Conomy': The Impact of Female Breadwinners

Welcome to the 'She-Conomy': The Impact of Female Breadwinners

“I don’t know; ask your mother.”

For decades, American fathers would recite this refrain whenever the kids asked to eat cookies for dinner or paint their bedroom walls black. After all, Dad had enough on his hands making sure the bills got paid. Mom was in charge of nutrition and home décor.

Today, that scene looks laughably old-fashioned. As the number of breadwinning moms continues to increase, many of them are taking charge of their household finances, too.

A new infographic from CreditLoan.com illustrates the trend, spotlighting some big-ticket purchases women are now responsible for making—as well as some more worrisome financial habits, like failing to pay bills on time, that women are more likely than men to exhibit.

Interested to learn more about how women’s roles are evolving when it comes to money? Read on!

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