Premium Plastic: Worth It or a Waste?

Premium Plastic: Worth It or a Waste?

Does access to a swanky airport lounge during your six-hour layover sound appealing? How about a complimentary concierge service to pick up your dry cleaning?

These are some of the perks banks are dangling in front of consumers as they try to convince them to sign up for premium credit cards. And while these cards were once reserved for the super-elite, banks across the country have been increasingly pitching these programs to anyone with a decent credit score.

The catch? While the average annual credit card fee is $84.18, these high-end cards often charge hundreds of dollars each year. Which begs the question: Are they worth it?


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Before you sign up, consider whether you'll actually take advantage of any of the sparkly benefits. Many credit cards boast perks such as tickets to concerts and athletic events if you spend a certain amount, a free night at a hotel after you've purchased three, or waivers on airline baggage fees.

Translation: Unless you're a frequent traveler, or someone who spends a lot on dining and entertainment, you may end up shelling out for perks you don't even use. Or worse: You may end up making extra expenditures you wouldn't have otherwise just to reap the rewards.

The truth is that, even if you aren't a premium cardholder, you can still get treated like royalty. Check out this roundup of nine awesome credit card rewards people frequently forget about.


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