4 Goal-Setting Pros Share Tips for Getting to the Finish Line

4 Goal-Setting Pros Share Tips for Getting to the Finish Line

We all know the old saying: Change is the only constant in life.

And nowhere does this ring truer than in your money life.

During your 20s, you’re probably focused on finding that foot-in-the-door job and an affordable apartment. In your 30s, you might be gunning for the next big promotion or making plans to start a family. By your 40s, retirement may start to weigh more heavily on your mind as you begin to juggle Sandwich Generation duties.


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Learning how to achieve such big-picture goals can sometimes be a challenge, but it’s not impossible—if you know how to stay focused and motivated.

In fact, this was the very focus of the “Let’s Talk Goals” roundtable held last month at LearnVest Live 2014, an annual event where career and financial pros come together to help people make progress on their money.

The panel, led by LearnVest C.E.O. Alexa von Tobel, included Carley Roney, cofounder of media company XO Group; Janis Bowdler, senior program director for Consumer Financial Capability with JPMorgan Chase & Co.; and Britt Barney, a Planner with LearnVest Planning Services.

In addition to offering their advice on how to tackle big life-stage goals, the speakers also shared some of their personal experiences buying first homes, paying down debt and saving for their children’s educations—goals we can all probably relate to.

Barney also highlighted some of the behavior-change tips she provides to clients to help them reframe how they think about their finances, such as remembering that the money you save for emergencies and retirement isn’t necessarily for the you of today—think of it as being reserved for the future you. So the better you can visualize your future goals—like picturing yourself kicking back on the beach as a retiree—the more motivated you may be to achieve them.

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And that's just a sampling of what the panelists covered. For more goal-setting techniques and tips to help you better flex your savings muscle, check out the video below, which features clips from the roundtable.

No matter what stage of life you’re in, their collective knowledge can help you inch closer to the finish line!

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